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What should be the norms for setting a Strong Password?

Password has become the first duty of every PC user to keep their valuables safe and secure. But, if your password is weak then it can be easily guessed by anyone. So in that case, you must have a strong password. Whether the question is to keep social media accounts, bank accounts, PC or apps safe and secure, it has become essential to use Strong Password. There are some norms for settings a Strong Password on which we will focus in this guide. By reading these tips, you can easily create a password that is strong and secure.
There are two main rules of Password: Rule 1-Password Length It is advisable to stick with the passwords that have at least 8 characters in length. The more character in the password is actually excellent as the time consumed to crack the password by the hacker will be longer. Therefore, 10 characters or longer than 10 are better to use for password
Rule 2 – Password Complexity It should contain at least one character from every of the following group. At least 4 …