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How to stay safe from Cyber Crime?

In this digital era, the risk of cyber threats and cybercrime has increased. You may think that the only way of cybercrime you have to worry is about the hackers stealing your personal data and sensitive information. But, there is a fact that it may not be straightforward. There are far more worries than just basic financial ones. Cybercrime is growing very instantly with new threats every year. In that case, you should have a well-planned strategy to stay safe from Cybercrime . In this post, we are going to discuss some precautions which you should take: ·         Never share your Account Details to anyone: You might sometimes get fraudulent messages in which they are asking you to disclose your bank account details or to transfer money to another account to win more money or money prize. Those who are not aware of such scams, fall prey to them. Be alert, these messages or people are scams and must be reported to the bank authorities or police. Many times on call, peop

How to protect the computer from hackers and viruses?

Nowadays, it has become very easy to hack any computer through advanced tricks. You are unknown from the coming trouble which you are going to face when your device becomes infected with virus and malware. With the growth of the Digital World theme, everyone is preferring online payment and transaction as well as shopping. For that, they are saving their financial information and bank details for quick payment. What will you do, if those financial details or data will become vulnerable and misused by the stranger? Of course, you become bankrupt. Not only bank details, your personal photos, data and videos also get misused. To avoid all these types of glitches, you have to keep few things in mind: First of all, you should keep your device updated. Use trusted browser and always clear cache and cookies of browser. Try to avoid those emails which are not trusted or come from the UN-trusted source. It might come with those links which contain malware or threats. If you receiv

How to maintain the working of AVG Antivirus during system’s boot up?

AVG is the best security software that keeps your device fully protected from virus, Trojans, malware, and threats. It comes with an amazing Boot-Time Scan feature that is specifically designed to use when you have doubt that your device is infected with threat or malware. At that time, your device usually takes some time to perform. In that case, you should execute a complete scan of your computer. If you want to know more about the functionality of this amazing feature then contact AVG Support UK . This amazing and effective feature of AVG scans for known types of malware and helps to remove threats before the operating system and other services perform. It is manually scheduled to perform and run as per requirement, not on a regular basis. Let’s have a look at the performance and functions of AVG-Boot Time scan features: If you are going to scan your system when it boots up then, it is recommended to set up a schedule for Boot-Time scan. By doing this, you can no