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How do I stop AVG Free from blocking a program?

AVG antivirus is the best software program to protect your PC from virus, Trojan, spyware, and threats.   When it comes to the safety and security of the personal and professional computer, then AVG should be your first choice. AVG is one of the trusted antivirus programs that provide complete protection to Your PC.  Not only this, but AVG is also known for easy downloading, installing and activating the procedure. It also comes with an auto-updating a facility that always keeps your computer safe from advanced threats and virus. But sometimes, you may get stuck with AVG downloading, installing activating or updating issue.  In that case, feel free to call at AVG Help UK . If you have installed AVG Free on your PC then you are free to shop online and to do online transaction. As it keeps its eye on browsing also that ensures safe internet access and blocks those websites from which your system may trap with Virus or threats. Sometimes, AVG Antivirus application doesn’t r