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How to Run AVG Antivirus during Computer Boots Up?

AVG is the best antivirus software for your device. It provides comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, threats, and ransomware. This software is known for consuming less space in your device. But sometimes, you suspect that your PC is infected with malware then AVG comes with an outstanding facility that allows you to schedule a Boot-Time Scan to run the next time your computer boots up.

It helps to scan for the reliable and known kinds of malware and to remove threats before the system and other services run. In this guide, we will focus on the running procedure of AVG Antivirus during Computer Boots Up. Boot-Time Scan is an innovative feature that is designed to use once you suspect a threat and malware in the system and commonly takes some time to run.

It is scheduled manually to run as required, not on a regular basis. You can set a scanning schedule on your device if you wish the antivirus to look via the computer system during your startup. For that, you need to sche…

How to Improve Home Computer Security?

Well, nowadays the computer has become a passion and need for every person. Everyone is using their computer as a wallet by keeping their personal photos, files, documents, financial details and data safe. But, you cannot only rely on computer safety settings. You have to keep your device secure from your end.
It might possible that someone hijacked your computer and makes your private details and personal files vulnerable. In that case, it has become your first duty to improveHome Computer security. Don’t worry you only have to follow some amazing and simple steps to keep your device completely safe and secure.

Safety Tips:
·Connect to a Secure Network Although cable modems, internet service providers and digital subscriber lines providers offer some level of security monitoring, it is crucial to secure your router. The first device receives information from the internet.
·Enable and Configure a Firewall A firewall controls the information flow between your computer and the internet. …