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What is AVG secure search? How can it be uninstalled?

You can say that AVG secure search is a type of browser hijacker that blocks the usage of other browsers on the system and it automatically sets itself as the default browser on the system. AVG is an antivirus that comes with a lot of advanced technical features and facilities and hence it becomes complicated for the users to understand and handle them on their own that is where comes the role of the technical support For details over any feature of AVG antivirus or for resolution to any technical issue connect at AVG support number UK . Here in this blog we will discuss different ways as to how a user uninstall AVG secure search from the system – 1-       Using control panel – Open control panel Click ‘’program and features ‘’ From the list that appears click ‘’AVG secure search ‘’ and click ‘’uninstall ‘’ Tick on the option ‘’revert your browser‘s default search provider’’ click ‘’remove ‘’ 2-       Remove secure search from google chrome – Click chrome menu