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How to remove junk files and get performance issues fixed on AVG antivirus?

AVG is complicated software that is it is often seen that the users get stuck with the basic technical procedures like installation uninstalling reinstalling and many other such issues. If you ever feel the need of technical assistance over the issue then ask for it at Avg support number UK . For removing the junk files and getting the performance issue fixed- Get the trial version of AVG PC tune up If in case, you have already tried the trial version then go for the full version of the PC tune up For getting a proper guidance over the AVG PC tune up installation connect with the trained and certified technicians.

What are the features of AVG antivirus free?

The free versions of any antivirus software running in the market doesn’t come with many features added to it similar is the case with AVG antivirus this free version is good for only those users who need just basic protection measures for their systems. It is advisable that if you are looking for a full fledged list of features as you need high security for your system then it will be better to go for the paid versions of this software. However given below is the list of few noted features provided in AVG antivirus – 1-       Computer protection – This antivirus provides total security to the systems against all dangerous unwanted harmful elements such as Malware, spyware, root kits Trojans and all other harmful factors that can cause serious damages to the system and the data. 2-       Web and E- mail protection – AVG free antivirus   provides proper protection against all internet related threats as it keeps all the unsafe online links away from the reach of the system and