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How to protect internet identity safe from hackers?

Nowadays, Internet users are increasing day by day and everyone is using it like bread butter. We can say, the Internet has become the most important part of our life. Whether the question is for Rail ticket, Flight Ticket, Bus Ticket, Online Shopping, Bill Payment or any ailed work, the one answer comes in mind is the Internet. See, the internet is a very easy way of payment or shopping or operating your social media accounts.

But have you ever thought, what will happen if your internet identity gets hacked? Well, the mere thought of this can send shivers down your spines. To stay protected from these types of circumstances you will need to keep your internet identity secure and safe. We are here with some amazing tips through which you can protect internet identity safe from hackers.


Tips for protection of Internet identity from Hackers:

Never click on the unknown and suspicious link:    
It is a Wonderful rule. The main way criminal infects PCs with the help of malware is by attracting the users to click on the link or to open an attachment. “Sometimes Phishing emails have obvious spelling mistakes and also wrong grammar and are easy to spot. Well, targeted attacks and well-conducted mass mailings can be almost fuzzy in comparison to the genuine emails. Social media has helped criminals profile individuals and allows them to be more easily targeted. They can see what you are interested in or what you post about and also send you a designed message which invites you to click on something. Never click on those links.

Never reuse the main Email password:
The hacker is getting smarter day by day. The hacker has cracked your main email passwords has the trick to your kingdom. Passwords taken from the other sites which you visit can be reset through your main email account. A criminal can search via your emails and get a treasure trove of the personal information including banking to passport details, and all of which enabled the ID fraud.

If in doubt, blocked:
Just be straightforward to say no to the social media invitations like Facebook Friend or LinkedIn connection requests from the people who you don’t know. It is the cyber comparable of inviting the twitchy one who looks at you to get the entrance of him in your personal identity and information.

Use Anti-Virus Software:
Anti-Virus is the main key to stay protected from identity hackers. Antivirus software helps to provide comprehensive protection against hackers as it takes the help of its security tools that work dedicatedly to keep the hackers bay. There are so many antivirus programs available in the market but no one can beat the performance of AVG Antivirus, it is one of the best security software that serves it best to provide excellent protection.

Use different passwords on different sites:
Do not even use the same passwords for all of your social media sites. It might become simple for hackers to guess your password. Also, never use your account details or your birth date in your password. Using a strong password is the best way to protect your identity safe and secure.

Only shop online on safe sites:
Before entering your card details, make sure that the locked padlock or unbroken key symbol is showing in your browser. Additionally, the beginning of the internet retailer address change from “http” to indicate a connection is safe and secure. Be aware of the sites that change back to http when you have logged on.

By following the given tips, you can easily play games or shop online very safely and securely. The tips are very easy to follow so don’t make your identity vulnerable to hackers or unwanted people. Just protect your identity by yourself.

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